The Cause

We were created to need people. Humans can endure a lot but as a team they can conquer even more. Help us to stand behind and lift up these courageous Warriors as they fight their biggest battles. Help them to overcome and conquer through laugher, play, and a sense of togetherness.

Long before Covid, many of these Warriors have been fighting their battles in isolation, where not even their mom nor dad are allowed to visit. The severity of their sickness limits their interactions to that of their medical care team. As spectacular as their medical teams are, these Warriors need your Love, gifting them the best medicine; LAUGHTER!

What better way to escape sickness than through imagination. Watching the faces of these Warriors light up, as they’re dressed up, escaping their current reality into that of their imagination. Embracing every essence of their new found escape, seeing a world outside of their hospital walls. Living, laughing, and latching on to healing hopes.

Your generous donations are far more than just donations. You are producing the best medicine there is, LAUGHTER. You are providing an escape from the constant poking, and prodding that each day brings. You are creating an alternate universe for these Warriors; one where sickness no longer exists, and loneliness is a thing of the past. You are building an army behind each and everyone of these courageous Warriors. You are letting them know, no one fights alone! We are in this together! We have their backs! We are on their team! Together we will help Cycle Out Sickness and Cycle In endless doses of LAUGHTER!