The Cause

We were created to need people. Humans can endure a lot but as a team they can conquer even more. Help us to stand behind and lift up these courageous Warriors as they fight their biggest battles. Help them to overcome and conquer through laugher, play, and a sense of togetherness.

Long before Covid, many of these Warriors have been fighting their battles in isolation, where not even their mom nor dad are allowed to visit. The severity of their sickness limits their interactions to that of their medical care team. As spectacular as their medical teams are, these Warriors need your Love, gifting them the best medicine; LAUGHTER!

What better way to escape sickness than through imagination. Watching the faces of these Warriors light up, as they’re dressed up, escaping their current reality into that of their imagination. Embracing every essence of their new found escape, seeing a world outside of their hospital walls. Living, laughing, and latching on to healing hopes.

Your generous donations are far more than just donations. You are producing the best medicine there is, LAUGHTER. You are providing an escape from the constant poking, and prodding that each day brings. You are creating an alternate universe for these Warriors; one where sickness no longer exists, and loneliness is a thing of the past. You are building an army behind each and everyone of these courageous Warriors. You are letting them know, no one fights alone! We are in this together! We have their backs! We are on their team! Together we will help Cycle Out Sickness and Cycle In endless doses of LAUGHTER!

The Founder of Cycle out Sickness, Jes Muller

The health and well being of others has been a life-long passion of mine. One that led me into the world of nursing, a world I would still be in if it was for a motor vehicle accident. My care and compassion for others survived, and has thrived well past my accident; leading me here today.

Nothing makes your heart hurt worse than to see others sick and suffering. What crushes your heart is when sickness strikes innocent children. No child should have to suffer these endless, different illnesses that attack them each and every day. 

You see those posts, saying if you had to choose, which pill would you take… Mine would be a pill to heal and prevent another child from ever becoming sick again. It’s hard, and impossible to understand why such sweet and innocent little souls are attacked by such vicious and overcoming sickness. The why(s) are endless, as are the ways to help these courageous Warriors fight.

I am a firm believer that LAUGHTER is quite honestly the Best Medicine Ever created. The production of laughter is usually easily generated, and often taken for granted. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home or favorite place, belly laughing so hard with family and friends your cheeks hurt, and your heart has never been more happy… those moments are the BEST! 

But what if your family/friends aren’t allowed to see you, and it’s just a hospital bed, four walls, and an amazing medical team but they have to poke you with big scary needles, and medicine that makes you sick, and your hair is falling out, your limbs aren’t working, and machines are constantly beep all around you, and well…laughter isn’t anywhere in sight? This is the scary and lonely reality most of these Warriors live each and every day. 

It breaks my heart to imagine the reality these Warriors are living in, when it should be a reality filled with love and laughter, surrounded by family and friends. Where play isn’t some distant dream, and laughter is endless. I mean whose laugh is more contagious than that of a child.

Halloween is supposed to be a time where kids dress up in their favorites, laugh and play until their bellies hurt, their cheeks are red, and their hearts are full. I couldn’t help but think of the sick stricken kids who were more than likely missing out… where their families are struggling to keep themselves and their family together. Knowing their child is sick and alone in the hospital. Their hearts breaking because they know their Warrior is too sick for anyone to visit, and there is nothing they can do to fix their Warrior… because they would do absolutely anything and everything to fix their precious Warrior. 

Watching my niece become so engulfed in dress-up, witnessing her imagination run wild, as she entered her own made up universe, fueled the idea of costumes. What kid doesn’t love to dress up, pretending to be someone, or something else for the afternoon, or…  if they have it their way, the entire day? Hearing them laugh, as they live in the world they’ve created, is priceless.

Through the endless hours of my niece dressing up and living her best life in imaginative play. The countless joy filled memories of Halloween as a child. And the Laughter that surrounds it all, I knew I needed to donate costumes to these fearless Warriors. What started out as a small project, has developed over the years, blossoming into a beautiful opportunity to support these courageous Warriors. 

If anyone is deserving of more Laughter in their lives, it is these Warriors. These Fearless Warriors, who have been stricken by a sickness beyond their control. They deserve ALL the LAUGHTER!! After all, it is contagious, and the very best contagion to catch, and keep passing on. It takes one smile, one laugh, to brighten others’ day. Imagine what an entire floor of sick stricken Warriors, LAUGHING, could do to heal their minds, their bodies, and their spirits!!!