The Ride

– Seriously, what makes you happier than when you’re able to get on your bike and ride?! I’d say riding your bike to Cycle Out Sickness from the most undeserving, the kiddos.

Our day will start at Sully’s with a crisp 12PM refreshing seltzer or drink of your choice! 

Sully’s will also be where you pick up your (pre-order) or pay now wristband, which will get you your poker card at each bar. 

After you’ve fueled properly at Sully’s, we will cycle our second adventure, The Ducktail Lounge in Clive(arrival approx 2:30PM. Here you will find the most delicious seltzers, or drinks of your choice to continue fueling those ever so needy legs.

Then it’s time to put those freshly fueled legs to the test as we venture on to 515. Here you will be warmly welcomed with ice cold, best in town, brewed beer.

Now it’s time to throw one leg over your bike and ride. We will be rolling down the glorious hill to the Foundry. Here you will be welcomed by the ever so tasty Foundry Mules!!

**A dollar ($1) from everyone Coor’s Light Seltzer or Coor’s Light will go to the Cycle Out Sickness charity. 
**$30 will buy you a wristband if you pre-order
*Raffle tickets will be available 2 for $5 or 5 for $10. (Can be purchased throughout the day, until 7:05pm)

**Just a friendly refresher:

*Sully’s 12PM start time

*The Ducktail Lounge  – 2:30PM

*515 – 4:30PM

*Foundry – 6:30PM